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The Philippines' most illustrious residential skyscraper.

Rising in the Philippines' most prestigious financial and commercial district is a name synonymous with unparalled service, quality and real estate. Trump TowerTM Manila at Century City -
the country's most amenitized residential high-rise and Manila's definitive landmark.

Live in the address that celebrates your stature. Trump Tower

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Aqua Private Residences follows nature’s blueprint by injecting life into the surrounding landscape resulting in a lush tropical rainforest-infused design that brings nature’s breathtaking water features and flourishing foliage into an urban location. Six (6) towers lavish you with private uninterrupted views of dazzling Makati skyscrapers across the bridge, the vibrant city skyline to the North, of the tranquil water down below.

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The AZURE is expected to have 9 buildings within the sprawling 6 hectare site that will set new benchmark for the 21st Century tropical living. Designed by the award winning Masterplanner and architectural firm Broadway Malyan, each tower is set in a breathtaking tropical modern aesthetic that provides optimal natural ventilation, light and shade.

Other amenities like an open park, zen garden, grand fountains with dancing waterworks and lights, multiple playgrounds, an interactive water play area, lap pool, kiddie pool, outdoor picnic grove, central bar and a basketball court have been incorporated into a master plan, adding rich diversity to a natural environment that support recreation, health and well being.

A modern clubhouse compliments an organically formed landscape with facilities that also include function rooms, a movie with THX room, two restaurants, barbecue station, electronic play area, game room, a well-equipped gym, spa and massage rooms.

And of course the centerpiece of The Azure is the truly iconic and first of its kind, man made beach cove complete with pristine white sand, undulating waves, multiple water slides and water cascades. It is truly a tropical vacation you can come home every single day.

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Century City as inspired by Mother Nature will feature an ecosystem of the best luxury residential towers in the Philippines, state-of-the-art corporate offices and a lifestyle complex with the finest restaurants, boutiques, bars, cinemas, cafes and other never-before-seen entertainment attractions. It is poised to become one of Asia's most exciting destinations.

The Gramercy Residences, the first residential tower to rise at Century City. Featuring fully-fitted and fully-furnished interiors with 6 different design options, it's the ultimate in bespoke living. The Gramercy Residences is also fully-serviced, with hotel-style services available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making it the only hyper-amenitized residential building in the Philippines. It will be the ultimate Makati Address for you who have come to expect a degree of quality, design and service on a par with the best in the world. At The Gramercy Residences, we promised to exceed your highest expectations.

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The Knightsbridge Residences will be the second residential tower to rise at Century City in Kalayaan Avenue, within the heart of the Philippines' Central Business District.

The Knightsbridge Residences at Century City marks the advent of a new era of high-rise living in the country. Your purchase affords you more than just the four walls of your unit. The tower is replete with innovative and pioneering amenities that will expand your home and allow your comfort to spill out. A truly distinguishing feature, the Lanterns transform The Knightsbridge Residences into a shimmering beacon in the city, especially at night.

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Do you know that a woman will use an average of 15000 pieces of sanitary napkins within 30 to 40 years in her entire lifetime? Having a trusted brand of sanitary napkins has become paramount for every health-conscious modern woman. Not only must the sanitary napkin provide comfort and safety, but also enhance every woman's health and lifestyle...

Love Moon Sanitary Pads does all this and more, making it an extremely unique and powerful product line in a huge Trillion Dollar Global Industry!

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In the existing markets commodity trading can be the buying and selling of future contracts of different physical products. The most widely traded and most liquid commodities are Oil and Gold. Commodity trading is nothing but trading in commodity derivatives (futures or options). In other words, if you are keen at taking a buy/sell position based on the future performance of commodities like gold, silver, agricultural commodities, metals, crude etc; then you could do so by trading in commodity derivatives. Commodity derivatives are traded at the commodity exchanges.

Commodity trading impacts the economy by making public the analysts forecasts of future prices of the most important market goods. For example, one of the most widely watched commodities is oil. The price of oil changes daily, which has an impact on every good and service produced in the U.S economy. As traders take into account all information regarding oil supply and demand, as well as geopolitical considerations, this affects oil prices. It is these assumptions behind oil prices that affect the economy so significantly.

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Today’s government contracting environment creates unique challenges and opportunities for businesses with government contracts. As this environment tends to change rapidly, many government contractors have difficulty managing change and end up with more work and less profit.

Whether you are new to government contracting in need of a simple service like finding contract opportunities or an old pro with years of successful experience in need of help resolving a dispute amicably, IGSLTD can help. We can provide you with cost effective services to solve your government contracting needs. We pride ourselves on reputation and professionalism. Whatever your government contracting needs, call us today.

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IGSLTD is an international import-export trade development firm. We are exporters and importers of different varieties of products.

By focusing on customer care and satisfaction, by providing both quality products at competitive price and also quality after-sales service, our company has attracted many customers.

We are privileged to have your support and business. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our company. We will do our best to give the satisfaction on our services.

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IGSLTD is an investment adviser to help individual or company on how they will handle their investments properly. Whenever you need to make a decision about some money or an investment, will help you decide on what's good for you or on your business. Having a trusted investment adviser, guide you in today’s highly volatile investment environment that can be the edge you need to achieve long-term financial success.
Invest Global Services Ltd can help you.

We pride ourselves on our independence, integrity, investment performance, and care for the welfare of our clients. Our approach has rewarded many of our clients with outstanding results, although we note that past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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IGSLTD is a Management Consultancy whose aim is to deliver ethical, responsible, cost effective and value adding solutions to clients. Whether your company is in a fast-moving, rapidly growing sector or in a mature industry with few avenues for growth, IGLSLTD can help you.

Our holistic approach to creative strategy development will let you design a future for your organization that is highly ambitious and achievable. And our experience and industry sector expertise will ensure you use the right tools for the job. We combine our industry sector expertise on how to develop and implement high performance processes. Together with you, we can mobilize and energize the real change agents in your organisation your people.

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Knightsbridge Residences,Gramercy Residences,Century City,Makati condo,knightsbridge,gramercy,Winalite,love moon,sanitary napkin,commodity trading,trading,import & export,import,export,investments,management consultancy,government contractor

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